My “Must Have”

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I thought I would share how I begin my days. I simply Mix one scoop of GREENS™ with 8 oz of water or juice, shake, drink and GO! I can’t believe I had not tried this delicious supplement until I started selling this gem.

I love that I can also take my Greens On The Go™ as a convienent alternative when I am out and about sharing our fabulous health, wellness and skin care products.


Here is a little product information on my “Must Have” in the house at all times.

Greens™ is an energizing, detoxifying, and alkalizing blend of 38 herbs and nutrient-rich superfoods that provides vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes you need for your best health.

ENERGY: Greens™ give a natural boost of energy with its multiple full servings of fruits and vegetables.

IMMUNE SUPPORT: Greens™ alkalize your body, balancing out the acidic state of your body. An acidic body is susceptible to all sorts of illness and disease. But an alkaline body is an oasis of good health!

PROBIOTIC SUPPORT: made with the only shelf stable probiotic that is activated once hydrated–Greens™ provide all the probiotic support needed to keep your system healthy and happy!

DETOXIFICATION: Greens™ reduce bloat by cleansing your system gently and regularly. By putting in the good while removing the bad, you’ll be back to good balance and good health.

Now I ask…..Who wants their Greens™???  Click on the SHOP menu to browse all products.


Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any form for this post. I honestly blog my thoughts and opinions. I personally own the photos in this post. 



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