My Workout Essentials 

My workout essentials (plant based) I LOVE ThermoFit before/during my workouts to burn more calories, speed up my metabolism, and keep my energy up.
BUT….New You is my FAVORITE!  Let me break it down on how it works:

It aids in building lean muscle mass, enhances exercise endurance, and provides a better post-workout recovery

It helps improve sleep quality. It’s not a sleeping pill, it helps you fall asleep, keeps you asleep, and allows you to wake up feeling rested.

It also simulates the natural production and release of HGH (human growth hormone)

HGH is what helps your body with your sleep cycle, quality and memory, bone density, skin etc things like that…. Well when you are about 25 your body starts to produce less HGH (because you are aging). What New You does is basically get your body back to your normal production of HGH. It does not give you HGH but it stimulates your OWN production so getting you back to normal. In turn you start feeling like a NEW YOU!! Instant age rewind.

I can offer you my pricing at 40% off simply email me or click the SHOP menu and be on your way to a NEW YOU.
Disclaimer: I honestly blog my thoughts and opinions. 

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