Pink Tower

Wecome to Casa 1, my new primary classroom. I will be blogging about various topics and materials in a Montessori classroom.

The Pink Tower has ten pink cubes of different sizes, from 1 cm up to 10 cm in increments of 1 cm. The work is designed to provide the child with a concept of “big” and “small”.

Montessori sensorial materials are used in the Montessori classroom to help a child develop and refine his five senses.

Sensorial materials in a Montessori classroom have what is called “control of error”, meaning while the child is working with the material they have a way of checking their work on their own without seeking out a teacher to have the work checked for them.  This promotes independence and problem solving on the part of the child.

The control of error is visual. The child will notice that the cubes are in the wrong order and knows that they should fix them.


Pink Tower


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Perfectly Imperfect

I have been working on writing this piece for a while now. Kelsey Shaffor has inspired me in so many ways at her young age of 23. I first began seeing absolutly stunning photographs she captured of my two sons (Casey and Tanner) and their significant others (Alicia and Camryn) and then reading and really getting to know Kelsy. We have never met in person, but fell in love with her talent, beauty, bravery, strength and passion for photography.


Meet Kelsy, a 23 year old that finds her passion in life – photography. Kelsey says her life turned upside down in 2015 , she was diagnosed with brain cancer. In 2016 she had a craniotomy and AWESOME news, no cancer!

“Honestly, after going trough all that, I consider it a blessing. Why? It’s made me a better person. I view things in such a new perspective. I am more empathetic of others and I never take life for granted. the recovering process was and still is to this day a struggle. As soon as I woke up from surgery, I felt like a completely different person. It was insane! Like I said, I consider this whole situation a huge blessing. I finally found out who and what I’m supposed to do in life,”

Like Kelsy stated above, she’s able to view the world with a totally new and improved perspective. Kelsy realized life is far from perfect, but she also realized life is perectly imperfect. There for that is her motto. Kelsy loves kodak, one of  a kind moments, moments of pure laughter, love and above all that show the real ‘you’. She is all about those perfectly imperfect crazy beautiful moments. She aims for the moments that mean something, feel something. She’s far from poses and awkward smiles, but sometimes will crack the strangest jokes just to help make all the tension wash away. Most importantly she loves creating a relationship with her clients. Clearly it works. Not only does Kelsy enjoy photography, but she also enjoys watching Harry Potter over, over, over…..and oh, she loves Disneyland.

“I honestly love Disneyland so much. When I see little kids eyes light up with pure joy, I think its amazing. It’s moments like that we take for granted. Beacuse unfortunately life can change at any moments. So why don’t we live in the moment? As a photographer, that is my goal with my clients, to capture them in the moment. Most of the time I tell them ‘alright so you are going to run into each others arms and I dont care if you fall, because guess what… I’m going to capture it!’ and then we all laugh about it. But hey, it works!”

Thank you Kelsy for allowing us all to see your talent and view life through your lens. Its been an absolute honor and I look forward to see your amazing work in the future.


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Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any form for this post. I honestly blog my thoughts and opinions. Photo credits : Kelsy Shaffor    All photos were approved by clients and Kelsy. 


That 24/7 Hustle


So seven months ago I decided I’d rather hustle 24/7 than slave 9-5. So now I am building my own empire. I refuse to be anything less that successful.

Don’t let the doubters ever dull your sparkle or your motivation. They may be doubting you but they are always watching. Give them someting spectacular to watch.


Yours Truly,

Kimberly Gray-Crouse



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Rooted in California


What a gorgeous day out at the Russian River. We came out to Stumptown Brewery to celebrate Fourth of July Eve. How fortunate are we to live ony 30 minutes from this amazing view? The sun was shining, the river was flowing and the drinks were ice cold.

I love the freedom I have to work my business from anywhere too! I was able to chat with a lovely lady about helping her boost her metabolism while enjoying this incedible view.

Happy Fourth of July Eve!!!


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Baby Bella’s 

Dinner tonight was stuffed baby Bella’s 

Stuffed with sautéed garlic, yellow onion, hatch peppers, mushroom stems, spinach, cherry tomatoes, bread crumbs and  parmigiana. Drizzled with Olive Oil. 
Delicious and Healthy.

Disclaimer: I honestly Blog my thoughts and opinions. I own the featured photo. I was not compensated in anyway for this post.